2 Common Questions About Rehabilitation

As you may know, rehabilitation is a specialty here at Maristhill. Two of the most common questions about rehab are:

1.) When and how often will the patient be seen for rehab?

Our rehabilitation team conducts a full evaluation as soon as possible after admission and treatment begins shortly thereafter. The intensity and frequency of therapy is determined by the patient’s condition, goals, and physician approval.

2.) How long will the rehab last?

Within 48 hours of admission, the team will assess the patient’s current status, review the hospital paperwork, and discuss the expected Length of Stay, which could be as short as one week, or longer as your condition requires. You will be communicating regularly with your team of care providers as you work to achieve your goals.

Most insurance plans, including Medicare, require evidence of ongoing improvement in order to cover your stay. For example, if a patient is able to walk five feet with a walker one day, he must demonstrate the ability to walk more than five feet in the next few days. We will work closely with you to ensure you are ready to be discharged when your insurance is coming to an end.

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