This page has been created as a means of keeping you informed about special circumstances or events at Maristhill.

Notifications will be posted below.

In early June 2019 Maristhill will participate in a disaster drill. More information regarding specific date(s) and time(s) coming soon...

Previous Alerts


06/19/18 - 2:30pm
The emergency management drill has now been completed. Thank you for participating in this drill.

06/19/18 - 12:00pm
Maristhill is now live with Mass Map.

This is an active emergency management drill. We are currently taking an influx of 10 outside patients. Families may reach out to the main number 781-893-0240 ext. 22 with any questions. We will update again when the drill is complete.

Thank you.

Maristhill will be actively participating in a Disaster DRILL with Massachusetts Mutual Aid Plan, (MassMAP) on June 18, 2018 from 12 PM to 3:45 PM.

We will be simulating an influx of residents from another facility which has had to evacuate.  Maristhill will act as a Resident Accepting Facility (RAF) and receive 10 residents from a Disaster Struck Facility (DSF). The focus of this exercise is the full evacuation of two DSF’s per region. The exercise will also enable participating MassMAP members to effectively practice and test their plans to be RAF’s, to effectively manage an immediate influx of residents, and to coordinate resident placement with the MassMap Coordinating Center.

We are seeking Volunteer’s to act as the residents being admitted under an emergency situation.

During the drill regular operations at Maristhill will continue, and the impact on residents will be minimal.

If you have any questions please either send a message through this website or call Joe Deveau, CEO at 781-893-0240 x11.

How this Drill Will Work:

  1. RAFs receive a wave of mock  Evacuating Residents:
    • All RAFs will receive an email with mock resident names as well as completed Resident Emergency Evacuation Forms
  2. Upon receiving this email, MassMAP members are to:
    • Establish Intake or Triage Area using their plans
    • Establish a Surge Area using their plans
    • Contact the LTC Coordinating Center when they “receive” residents from the DSF

When all residents are accounted for and reported back to the Coordinating Center, the drill will end.