Animal Affair at Maristhill!

Animal Fair visits Maristhill

As we’ve noted in the past, pet therapy is widely recognized as a beneficial treatment for seniors. According to UCLA research, even a few hours at a time with an animal can help stave off depression and loneliness, and even lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol.

All of us at Maristhill enjoy conducting pet therapy sessions, as we did earlier this month when Animal Affair, a traveling petting zoo from Rehobeth MA came to visit!

All of the animals come from Animal Affair’s personal 3-acre farm, where they are raised and cared-for in a loving environment. Once on site, some of the animals are enclosed within a room so they can roam freely and interact with residents, and others, such as baby bunnies, ducklings, chickens, and kittens, are even available to hold. Running around at the resident’s feet are baby goats and pigs. All who are in attendance enjoy the liveliness of having baby animals to play with and love.

Pet therapy is a favorite at Maristhill!

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