Another Commonly-asked Question About Rehabilitation

In a past post we shared two frequently asked questions (FAQ) about our rehabilitation services – one about how often patients are seen by a rehabilitation or therapeutic specialist, and another about the typical length of a rehab stay.

Another rehab-related FAQ is: When does the Physician see the patient and how often?

All new patients are seen and evaluated by the Physician/Nurse Practitioner within 48 hours of admission and then regularly and as needed throughout the course of the patient’s rehabilitation stay.

The Maristhill nursing staff is also in contact by phone with the Physician / Nurse Practitioner on a regular basis, notifying them of any significant changes in the patient’s condition and obtaining approval for any/all treatments/medication changes.

If the patient is sick, the MD/Nurse Practitioner is always contacted. They will decide if a visit is appropriate. They may order various tests, such as labs, x-rays, EKG, which can be performed on-site. The MD/NP will discuss options of care with the nursing staff and will make every effort to treat the patient at Maristhill (i.e. IV’s, antibiotic or oxygen therapy, pain management). If the illness is too acute to be treated in-house, the resident will be transferred to the hospital.

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