Benefits of Intergenerational Activities for the Elderly

There are many ways to enhance the day-to-day lifestyle of our residents, one of which is known as intergenerational programming. It involves bringing seniors and kids together to form fun and meaningful relationships.

Research published by numerous sources, including Senior Lifestyle, confirms that both groups have much to teach and learn from each other, and that the result of these programs tends to be quite positive. Elders can help socialize children, teach them empathy and character, and give them an unconditional form of love they can’t find elsewhere. Children, in turn, can be an endless source of joy for elders, share affection and play, and provide assistance with many simple tasks.

The approaching Halloween holiday is a good example of how the two age groups can connect for a fun and sociable time, as evidenced by the photos of some past Halloween parties here at Maristhill when students from St. Jude’s Elementary School arrived in full costume and shared snacks and goodies with residents. 

In fact, holidays in general provide an excellent theme for intergererational events. In addition to celebrating Halloween, the same group was on-hand at Maristhill again to make gingerbread houses with residents, and also in December to perform their Christmas show. In February of the following year they were on-site making Valentine’s Day crafts with residents. This is all part of Maristhill’s mission and also shows of the popularity of intergenerational activities


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