Celebrating Holidays a Tradition at Maristhill


The traditional holiday season from Thanksgiving through New Years is a wonderful time for many, including our residents. Family and friends tend to visit more frequently during this time, and it’s a season filled with joy and positive memories.

However, the post-holiday season has been identified by medical researchers as a time during which many seniors become depressed, which can have a negative impact on their well-being. In addition to providing treatment, some of the best practices for helping seniors avoid depression include exercise, good nutrition, and social interaction. This is just one of the many reasons why we actively celebrate various holidays throughout the year at Maristhill.

For example, our Activities Department has arranged several activities this week in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

Yesterday our residents (and staff!) enjoyed an Irish Show put-on by students from St. Jude’s school. In addition, a St. Patrick’s Day party has been scheduled for Friday, and on Sunday (the actual holiday) we’ll conduct an Irish sing-along, which is always a favorite!

As is the case with many, our residents enjoy the combination of music and socializing, and holidays of all types are ideal for these purposes, as well as for buoying the spirits of all.

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