Maristhill Introduces Chapel Television

We are pleased to announce that coming soon will be a LIVE BROADCAST of daily Mass from our chapel!

The population of Maristhill that wishes to participate in Mass cannot always make it to the chapel located on premises. Fortunately, this new feature will allow everyone to be a participant, specifically
those who can’t make it in person to the chapel. It will be broadcast on every room’s television as well as on most of the common area televisions – i.e., dining rooms, sun room and solarium. Residents and guests will be able to tune their televisions to The Maristhill Channel (Channel 34) at 11AM each day there is Mass celebrated and watch in the comfort of their own room or wherever they may be congregating and there is a TV. These masses will not be recorded but will be available for live viewing.

In addition, the Maristhill channel (channel 34) will live-broadcast all of the entertainers who perform in the chapel for special events.

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