Maristhill Participates in State-wide Emergency Drill

WALTHAM, MA – (June 4, 2019) Maristhill Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, a non-profit provider of rehabilitative services, short-term and long-term care located in Waltham Massachusetts, recently announced that they will be participating in a state-wide emergency drill, which is being coordinated by the Massachusetts Long Term Care Mutual Aid Plan (MassMAP).

MassMAP establishes regions throughout the state and creates a course of action for participating nursing homes, assisted living centers and residential care facilities to assist each other in the time of a disaster. The assistance may come in the form of providing pre-designated evacuation locations for patients/residents during the disaster, sharing supplies or pharmaceuticals, providing transportation, or sharing staff to another facility when a disaster overwhelms their capacity.

On June 11th from 9AM – 12PM PM Maristhill will act as a Disaster Struck Facility (DSF). The focus of this exercise is the partial evacuation of one nursing unit. The exercise will enable Maristhill staff to evacuate residents to a safe facility called a Stop Over Point. Participating MassMAP members effectively practice and test their plans to be DSF’s and to effectively manage an immediate evacuation of residents, and to coordinate resident placement with the MassMap Coordinating Center.

“MassMAP’s work is very important to the Commonwealth’s elders and their families, and to residents’ or patients’ well-being,” said Joe Deveau, President of Marishtill. “We work hard to be ready in an emergent situation and depend on our community partners such as Waltham Emergency Management Department, and Armstrong Ambulance, among others vital to our safety”.

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