St. Jude Students Visit

Every month while school is in session the residents of Maristhill receive a visit from the children of our local Catholic School, Saint Jude. Each month brings something different and exciting for the residents to do with the students. Many of our residents feel a connection with the school and church since they attended the Saint Jude Parish when they were growing up or when they had families of their own. The age of the students ranges from 10 to 13. But once a year, the kindergartners come in for a Halloween parade and short musical performance.

Each time the students come to visit the residents are overjoyed and impressed by how well behaved and polite they are. The children join us for afternoon activities. These activities include Bingo (a personal favorite of everyone), The Pumpkin Carving Contest, a Christmas and Irish show (performed by the students accompanied by their music teacher Doreen), misc. themed crafts, and so forth.

Last month Residents and students paired up to play several rounds of the Match Game. For every match made, a quarter was won. The activity was filled with a mixture of laughter and intense concentration. Definitely a crowd pleaser. Our Residents can’t wait for their return in May when we will be competing in an exhilarating game of Bingo.

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